Monday, 12 November 2007

Nothing so simple as stew

When it's cold outside there's nothing I like more than some stew (or soup but that's another days posting) so being brass monkeys as the husbag would call it I decided it was a day for some beef stew. I also have an excuse to use my new Le Creuset pot!!!

You need:

  • 1lb round steak cut into chunks
  • 2 large carrots
  • 1 large onion -I like to use red but use whatever you like personally
  • 1/2 a butternut squash - use whatever winter veg you fancy this is just what I had today
  • 1 litre stock
  • couple of tablespoons of plain flour seasoned with salt and pepper
  • herbs - I used oregano and basil as I like Italian flavours but you could use mixed herbs or a couple of different ones
  • Olive oil
I've also made some dumplings just to show off in my first post :) and popped them on top of the stew with about 30 mins to go and you them you'll need:
  • 125g flour
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 15ml olive oil
  • 2 tbsp oregano (I've used dried)
  • 2 tbsp basil, dried again
  • 125ml milk

So enough rambling here's the jist of it:
  • Heat some olive oil in a pot, I have 2 teaspoons cos I'm dieting and know the value of this
  • Toss the cubed steak in the seasoned flour and brush off the excess flour.
  • Put the steak into the pot and brown in batches, it's easier to make sure none of it gets too brown if you put in smaller ammounts
  • When all the steak is browned put it to the side and add some more olive oil to the pan, pop in your onions and saute for a few mins until softened, add your carrots and other veg and cook for another 5 mins
  • Put the steak back into the pan and add your stock and herbs, salt and pepper and put the lid on.
I cook my stews in the oven but you can cook it on the hob in the same way just keep it at a gentle simmer and stir every so often. Give it about 25 mins then pop in your dumplings.

I make these in a food processor, throwing in everything together. Knead the dough for a couple of mins and then shape into balls about the size of a walnut maybe. These are done when they've risen and browned slightly on top mmmmmmmmmm

Once you've checked everything is cooked to your liking, serve.

Now that this is written this looks more technical than it actually us, really just throw everything into a pot and cook until you're happy with it :)


Mary said...

Absolutley mouthwatering stuff. Cant wait to try this one. And i want ur pot!!! well done. i can almost smell it cooking..yummie

lorraine@italianfoodies said...

Yay!!!!! It's about time you joined the blogging world Rachel!!! Great first post, stews are great for this weather!! Likin the pot:) I'll put a link up straight away and get those readers drooling!! Best of luck, I'm looking forward to reading all your fab recipes!!

Laura said...

Welcome to the wonderful of blogging Rachel! I'm most envious of your pot!

Lyndar said...

In the style of yer man off the Amstel ads: this is gonna be great! Congrats missus.

The stew looks deeelish - if I can get my ass in gear this wkend I'm gonna try it :)

Jen said...

congrats, saw the link through, well done on starting the blog

Deborah said...

Welcome to the Irish food blogosphere will add you to the blogroll. Love your pot! ;-)

tiggyT said...

Wow that looks delish . . . i can almost smell it over the internet! Perfect for a horrible rainy day like today.

PI said...

That's my kind of stew. I used to do mine in a pressure cooker but life has slowed down now. Welcome to blogland

Caroline@Bibliocook said...

I love that pot! It was one of the nicest wedding presents that we got, along with a pair of heart-shaped ramekins - Valentine's Day dinners sorted out forever. Great to have winter stew too....

Rachel said...

We have the same set Caroline, it's just the cutest and currently my favourite piece of kitchen equipment, I swear it makes the food taste nicer ;-)

megan said...

I love your dutch oven. I have never seen it in a heart shape.