Sunday, 13 January 2008

I'm adopted!!!!!

A couple of months ago I was browsing food blogs of a weekend afternoon as I normally do and came across the Adopt a Blogger event on Dine and Dish and I signed up. Then I totally forgot about it and only remembered after christmas. So last week I had a comment from Kristen of Dine and Dish and also Sarah from Sarah's Cucina Bella to let me know that I had been adopted and my new adopted blog mammy was Sarah.

From looking at Sarah's blog I can see she's is a woman of many talents and to be honest I don't know how she does it as she has a cookbook coming out and also blogs on Fit Fare, Well Fed on the Town and Well Fed Network. I can barely have my full time job, spend time with my husband and blog once a week!!!!!! Sarah is also a writer, mother, editor and wife!!! Where does she find time to fit it all in??? This woman is an inspiration to me I have to say and definitely makes me think I could be doing more with my time so who better to match me with I think.

I look forward to reading all the projects Sarah is involved in over the coming months.

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Sarah Caron said...

Hey, thanks for the nice post! That was really sweet. It's a challenge to fit everything in at once, but I love to write and I love my kids, so I make time -- even if it means that I sometimes don't get enough sleep or I forgo doing things that I want to do for myself. I put up my post yesterday, come check it out!