Saturday, 9 February 2008

Nigella's Lazy Loaf

This is from Nigella's newest book, Nigella Express. This isn't my favourite of her books (or tv series) but the recipes are fast and anything I've tried has worked out wonderfully. This is SO simple, to be blunt you literally feck everything into a bowl, stir and put it into a greased loaf tin. With this homemade bread is accessible to everyone

So for the ingredients:

200g sugar free muesli (I like Dorset Cereals muesli)
325g wholewheat flour
7g sachet of yeast
2 tsp Maldon salt or 1 tsp table salt
250ml low fat milk
250ml water

  • Put all the ingredients into a bowl and stir. Transfer to a greased loaf tin and transfer to a cold oven turning the heat onto 110/gas 1/4 for 45 mins, this will allow the dough to prove.
  • When the 45 mins are up, turn the heat up to 180/gas 4 and bake for an hour. By this time the bread will be cooked through and when you tap on the bottom of the loaf it should sound hollow, if it doesn't sound hollow pop it back into the oven for a few mins without it's tin.


Cakelaw said...

Looks good - I am a bit scared of making bread, so this could be the answer for me.

Sarah@lettersonlunches said...

This looks great. I have to say, I wasn't that impressed with Nigella's last series but this looks lovely.

Rachel@fairycakeheaven said...

Me either Sarah! Wasn't a good series at all, really felt Nigella seemed out of her depth and not herself but the recipes are yum!