Sunday, 9 March 2008

Easy Sunday Breakfast - Wholemeal Pikelets

So another Bill Granger recipe from me (Yawn I hear you say ;-)), I always make something nice for breakfast at least once at the weekend and seeing as I was severly hungover yesterday I decided I better get myself out of bed and make something nice for himself this morning.

I did want to make pancakes but I had no buttermilk (and it was raining so I decided I didn't want those pancakes that badly anyway) so pikelets it was. These are very easy to make and very light despite the use of wholemeal flour which I normally find can be quite heavy in pancakes, the addition of so much baking powder lightens these really nicely, hope you like them!

So here's what you need

125g wholemeal flour
2 tsp baking powder
2tbsp raw cane sugar
1 egg, lightly beaten
170ml milk
butter for greasing the pan
whatever toppings you like, I used lemon, butter and sugar but the husbag like maple syrup

So, sieve the flour and baking powder together, add the sugar and mix well.
Add the egg and milk and whisk until smooth
Heat the pan and brush with butter, and spoon tablespoons of the mixture on. Allow to cook for a couple of minutes until you see air bubbles on top and then turn over for another 30 seconds or so.



jen said...

Those look fluffy and gorgeous! I suspect my other half would go for the maple syrup as well... Perfect weekend brunch :-)

linda said...

Your pikelets look delicious! I've seen a recipe in my English Farmhouse tea book, maybe I should try it one day.

life in recipes said...

Oh gosh, after a very late night working, these are what I want RIGHT NOW....I just want someone else to make them for me so I can sloth around.

Lovely blog and have fun with the new camera. I hope to graduate from point and shoot soon.

lorraine@italianfoodies said...

Lovely recipe, lovely pics(who me jealous??:) altogether lovely:)

Anonymous said...

I love Bill Granger, i have two of his books.I recommend the coconut & blackberry slices and also the breakfast fruit loaf which has soaked oats and mixed dried fruit and nuts.Its great toasted.Must give your pikelets a try.

The Mood Food Blog said...

Hey there!

I'm all about the pancakes and these look great!

I'm still in between as to whether I prefer crepes or good old american style!

Anyway lovin the blog!

Donal x

Aimée said...

These would make a great midnight snack for me... I can eat breakfast food anytime!

Jessy and her dog Winnie said...

yummy! they look fluffy!

Aran said...

Lovely! It's 4:20am and I could really have some now with some nice salty butter and some honey syrup... hmm.... well done!

Anonymous said...

i love how your pikelets look so thick and fluffy!

tried it out today and it is indeed a wholesome and substaintial breakfast! (: