Sunday, 27 April 2008

Hay Hay it's Donna Day #19 - The Clafoutis Edition Event - Caramelised Apple Clafoutis at that!!!!

So every time Hay Hay it's Donna Day is on I look at the event on Is My Blog Burning, think oooooo yes I'll definitely do that and then never get around to it!!! This month I was determined to do it cos I LOVE CLAFOUTIS!!!! or anything with a batter/cake like consistency, am easily pleased when it comes to desserts.

I have amalgamated 2 recipes, the batter mix from Donna Hay as posted on Bron Marshalls blog (and the lovely Bron is also this HHDD's host) with a couple of moderations and an idea from a Bill Granger recipe for a puffed apple pancake so this is a Caramelised Apple Clafoutis and let me tell you - 'tis divine!!!

So for the batter you'll need:

200ml milk (I used low fat but whatever milk you prefer)
100ml cream (this is to make up 300ml in total but Bron's original recipe used 300ml full fat milk)
4oz caster sugar (In the original recipe 4 tbsp sugar is kept back to sprinkle over the fruit before the batter is poured on but I just didn't use this as there's brown sugar on the apples)
1tsp vanilla extract
I used 1 large, 1 medium and an egg white I had left over from the Daring Bakers challenge but the original recipe uses 3 free range eggs
pinch of salt
8oz plain flour

Mix all the batter ingredients together using a whisk or in a mixer/processor. Heat the oven to 190/Gas 5.

For the caramelised apples you'll need:

50g butter
4 tart apples, (I used Braeburns but Granny Smith's would be lovely too) cored, peeled and cut into eights (or smaller if you apples are very big)
3tbsp brown sugar
1 tbsp lime juice
1 tsp vanilla extract

Put whatever dish you're using in the oven to heat it.
Melt the butter in a pan and add the apples.
Cook on a medium heat for about 5 mins
Sprinkle over the sugar and add the lime juice and vanilla extract and cook until the sugar is melted and caramelised.
Take the dish out of the oven and put the apples and caramel in the bottom.
Pour over the batter and put the dish in the oven and cook for 35-40 mins until browned and puffed up.

Seriously this dessert has taken over from Bread and Butter pudding as my favourite dessert, it's cakey and battery and there's a lovely hint of lime off it along with the creaminess of the batter and the apples are lovely and tart. I served with unwhipped cream poured over in my new GIANT cups I got for my birthday from my wonderful auntie T!!! DIVINE!!!! We also had the wonderful cannelloni that Lorraine blogged about this week, twas also gorgeous and the husbag ate half a dish of it!!!!


lorraine@italianfoodies said...

This looks so good, I love anything with apple anyway but this takes it to another level, I do love bread and butter pudding too though mmmmmmm!! Glad you liked the cannelloni:) LOVE the cheescake lollipops too, now I want dessert:(

LisaRene said...

Great recipe idea, makes me think of a huge apple pancake :) Sounds delicious!

Kristen said...

Oh my that looks delicious!

jen said...

Caramelised apples... Mmmmmmmm - lots of unsightly drooling going on here! Love Donna Hay - her magazine is the business :-)

Mandy said...

I only have caramelised apple in cheesecake before (yum), but never thought of using it in clafoutis! Thanks for the recipe. I will surely make this soon. :)

Aimée said...

Super cool recipe! I love this idea as apples are so much more available than cherries. Really nice!

Bron said...

For shame it is when I admit I haven't yet to my knowledge, had an Apple Clafoutis, however you have definitely inspired me to correct this! Thanks so much it looks delightful!

Anonymous said...

This looks so good. I've never made a Clafoutis, they've never much appealed but this one does. So hopefully soon, one will grace our plates.


Barbara said...

Apple clafouti is next on my list, it sounds yummy.

Lore said...

Caramelised apple clafoutis? Brilliant! Lokks delish

Cakelaw said...

Yum - the last photograph with all the cream makes me very hungry.

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Rhyleysgranny said...

I have always wanted to try clafoutis. I love the idea of caramelized apples. Mmmmm

Sarah said...

Hey Rachel,

Everything ok? You've been missing for a few weeks . . .


Medena said...

I can see how this would take over some of my other favorite desserts.
Sounds, and looks delicious!

Hope you are OK...