Monday, 21 July 2008

Food bites and other stuff

So I was a tiny bit lazy this weekend and didn't feel like posting, but do you know the guilt gets to me and I have to put something up and seeing as I can't be bothered writing out a recipe here's some foodie bites to keep you going:

Firstly major news from the wonderful Kieran over at Ice Cream Ireland. Kieran and some others have managed to get funding for the 1st Annual National Irish Food Awards (Blas na h√Čireann) which will be held in Dingle during the Food and Wine festival, this is amazing news and I wish them all the best, should they need a judge I am only too willing to lend my services ;-) .

Secondly, Deborah has started her new blog and also Spicendipity which is a shop selling gorgeous gourmet baking and cooking mixes of which I must try come payday this week. Dying to try the Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and I definitely wouldn't mind the Luxury BBQ hamper so if anyone feels inclined to send me a present please don't be shy!?!?! tee hee

I also have to tell you about the new Bugatti range that have in stock, I am totally in love with these coffee cups and saucers and they have joined my ever espanding list of "must buy" kitchen implements. They also have the new Kenwood Kmix mixer which I am majorly coveting but my Kenwood Chef outweighs it in terms of muscle so I'll be sticking with that for now methinks but a girl can dream............

I bought a couple of new cookery books in Hodges Figgis sale today, Everyday by Bill Granger and Gorgeous Desserts by Annie Bell. Gorgeous Desserts is such a food porn book for me, the pictures are gorgeous and decadent and while the pics Bill's book are fabulous as always, desserts win out for me every time and I've wanted this book for ages since I saw Gorgeous Cakes in my cousins house (I will be buying this book a.s.a.p aswell), I will be heading to bed early tonight to plan what I'll be making first.

I had my aunts and mam over yesterday for afternoon tea which I've wanted to do for ages. My mam passed me the cups, saucers, milk jug, sugar bowl and cake plate from my grandmothers tea set and I finally got a chance to use the cups and saucers (after a friendly Mrs. Bucket (read Bouquet) type warning about no breakages and plastic beakers beforehand) and I must say Rachel Allen, although far from my favourite tv chef, does a mean afternoon tea. I made greek almond crescent biscuits, cardamom sour cream cake and lovely scones from a couple of her books which I seem to have accumulated over the last year or so. I have to say Rachel (love the name ;-) tee hee) has really grown on me and I've made a lovely mackeral dish and honey and lemon chicken from her books in the last few weeks and I was very impressed. Her recipes are simple and taste really good and I think these books are well on the way to becoming go to books for lovely home cooked food at the weekends for me.

I haven't bought anything off my "must buy" list recently, not since my creme brulee dishes which I still haven't used so this month I'm planning to buy a book stand for the kitchen and I always have trouble balancing my book and end up putting it down in eggs whites that have spilled on the counter. I'm also thinking maybe a bamboo steamer and maybe an ice-cream maker aswell as I've had to give the one I had a loan of for well over a year back. I'm thinking this one might suit my needs for now as I won't be making ice cream too often I'd say.

And in that note I may love you and leave you. Today's foodie news has been brought to you by Rachel and the fuit lemon (tee hee)


cakewardrobe said...

I hear Kenwood mixers are much better than Kitchen-aids in terms of watts. I like me pink though :) I think ice cream maker should be at the top of that list .. good luck with getting all your gadgets. XOXO

Rhyleysgranny said...

My Kenwood has been battering away for over thirty years. I couldn't do anything else but recommend it. KA's are so very popular now.

The Mood Food Blog said...

All my kitchen gadgets seems to have given up on me recently- you've inspired me to go shopping!

Anonymous said...

I got a kenwood chef as a housewarming present a few years ago and its fantastic,i use it all the time. Bought an ice-cream maker in aldi recently,made gorgeous vanilla icecream.I love Rachel Allens books,what i like is you have most things in the cupboard and dont have to go hunting for ingredients.Her raspberry and white chocolate brownies are to die for.I am also a Bill Granger fan,have made lots of his desserts,havent made many savoury things.

jen said...

I've got Gorgeous Cakes by Annie Bell - that's a real winner too. I've been eying up Gorgeous Desserts too. Much lovely photography and droolworthy recipes!

Anonymous said...

I've got Bill Granger's Everyday, I highly recomend the lemon pound cake (write up over on my blog) and would be interested to know what you think of the Annie Bell book as it's been sitting on my to buy list for a long while now.

Sounds like you had a great weekend, thanks for the foodie update :)

Deborah said...

Oh God I am so embarrassed I missed your sweet and generous plug! Blog reading has turned to blog skimming at best, which is a good thing business wise, but not personally. Do forgive my rudeness and thanks again or the mention, really appreciate it! :)