Friday, 8 February 2008

Locanda Locatelli, London

Well I was in London last weekend and it was fantastic!!! Apart from going to Borough Market I've wanted to go to Locanda Locatelli for absolutely ages and this was my chance so I booked it and even though the meal was at 10 and I had a migraine this all melted away once we got in the door!!

Inside the decor is quite muted, warm creams and beiges with glass panels with what looks like water running down them (painted on) that seperate areas, gorgeous cream couches to sit on, music playing in the background, soft lighting and to be honest perfect for a romantic meal for 2. There were a lot of big parties though and Italians aswell judging by the shouting of Ciao over people's shoulders as they were leaving, which to my mind is always a testament to the authenticity and quality of the food.

When we arrived we were a few minutes early so we had a drink in the bar, the hostess came and got us and showed us to our table where we were given a basket of warm breads and cheese breadsticks.

As in most Italian restaurants I've been in the menu is split into different sections; Antipasti, Pasta, Pesce, Carne, Contorni and Dolci. I wanted everything and the waiters really knew their stuff even being able to tell us what particular boats they get their prawns from that day.

We had
pan fried scallops with a saffron vinaigrette, salad of baby spinach with smoked ricotta, red onion and walnut served with a cabernet sauvignon dressing and I had
home made pheasant parcels with rosemary jus which were AMAZING!!! I tasted the scallops aswell and they were on the creamiest celeriac mash I've ever had and am dying to recreate, the celeriac is in the fridge as I type!

Then for mains steamed fillet of hake with garlic, parsley and fennel salad
, a fillet beef with patate arrosto (which I was told was the best fillet my sister had ever eaten), 2 prawns with linguine and I had roasted rabbit leg wrapped in parma ham on polenta with chargrilled artichoke. Seriously THE BEST DINNER I'VE EVER HAD!!!!!! I also had Cavolo Nero with pancetta on the side of mine and was almost tempted to lick both of my plates and would have except we were in a lovely restuarant and I didn't want to get thrown out!

Seriously I had died and gone to heaven and then came the desserts, I had green tea mousse with prosecco sorbet, there was also a tiramisu, an Amadei chocolate tasting (A. MAZ. ING) and a chocolate and coffee fondant. I had an espresso and we were done!!

Overall I couldn't but recommend Locanda Locatelli, everything from the staff, the food, the sommelier who recommended the most perfect wine to go with my rabbit, the atmosphere, it was exactly what I expected. The only things that disappointed me (marginally) were that they turned off the background music when we were about half way through our meal which made it feel like they were closing around us even though there were people who came in after us and a minor thing the tart of the day was all gone when we came to dessert which is to be expected when you're eating dessert at 11.45!!! I will definitely be going back again and have already informed the husbag that he'll LOVE the rabbit!!!

Oh and p.s I refrained from taking pictures inside the restaurant cos I hate looking like a tourist!!! The one above is the only one I got but hey, it says it all!!!!

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IT sounds amazing, I can't wait now!!