Saturday, 15 March 2008

Rice Rice Baby................................

Tee hee in my head I'm very funny, really I am and I'm singing da da da dala da da to the tune of Ice Ice Baby still!!! Also given the fact that I was hungover today for the second Saturday in a row (I'm a filthy stop out) this was the perfect accompaniment to the sprouts and broccoli with chilli, garlic and lemon that I had for my dinner cos I had no cash in my purse for take away and couldn't have been bothered getting out of my pyjamas to go to the bank!!!

But enough rambling, this is a recipe from Jamie at Home and is as easy as can be, myself and the husbag are big fans of rice pudding, he eats his with jam while I like mine plain, we're still big fans and after having this there'll be no more rice out of a tin for us!!!

You need

1.2 litres of milk
200g pudding rice
2 tbsp vanilla sugar

I used low fat organic milk and the original says full fat but as far as I'm concered there was no difference in taste at all, secondly I used 2 tbsps of normal caster sugar and the seeds of half a vanilla pod. I also cooked the emptied pod with the rice and took it out when it was done.

Put everything into a pot, bring it to a gentle simmer and put the lid on, stir occasionally and after 3o mins, homemade rice pudding WAY better than anything out of a tin. If the rice is a little thick then you can add a bit more milk to it to loosen it. Serve with jam or leave plain


Alejandra said...

Rice pudding is one of my ABSOLUTE favorites!!

Jessy and her dog Winnie said...

Mmm looks yummy! I love vanilla beans!

Aran said...

rice pudding is comfort food to me... I made that as one of my first recipes in my blog and recently made an ice cream with it. Love, love, love.

Morven said...

Ha! too funny. I just re-watched the first Austen Powers movie where Mr Ice himself was on ice along with Austen and what did we have for dessert that night? Rice pudding!